Reflection – Week 3

Reflection Week 3 – By Caroline Wallreflection pic

I thoroughly enjoyed checking out the iPad as I have just got one over the past week and fell head over heels with this nifty piece of interactive technology. I enjoyed looking up all the new and innovative things the iPad can do which I didn’t know it could (See my blog). I recognise the iPad is out a couple of years but to lots of people and me included it’s still a very new piece of interactive technology. It is poles apart when trying to use it in comparison to the word press website.

I don’t claim to be a techy head but I do know about IT and consider myself welcoming to new challenges and learning experiences and most of the time I can usually figure out how to use these sites. However, having spent half a day on it I almost gave up and decided to look at a few you tube tutorials on it. This was much better. I would suggest that WordPress should display on each person’s site a tutorial to help them navigate through their site.

Brand a virgin to WordPress we are using the site to blog all our own experiences and learning journeys. This is my first blog on reflection. WordPress has been (for me anyway) one of the most unhelpful tools/sites I have used since using Quark express in DCU in 2011. The site itself is not user friendly and at times quite frustrating. I can see some blogs and not others. Nothing

My research on Skinner and Pavlov was very interesting about behaviourism. I also learned about Constructivism (John Dewey, Bruner) and Piaget who is linked with child development suggests that we learn new ideas and or concepts based upon our previous knowledge/past. The teacher encourages the student to discover things on their own but both engage in dialogue (Socratic learning). The teacher should convert the information to the student that is suitable to their level of understanding so that the student can keep building on their learning.



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