My interactive piece of device is the iPad…

ipad pic

The ipad!!


Just how easy is it to use?

The ipad is altering the way we all learn. The ipad is an interactive device and innovative tool that comes with a tonne of apps (applications) to choose from to make learning interactive, fun and inviting. The iPad gives you so many ways to absorb your students into the lesson and make learning fun and interesting. This 7 or 10 inch device comes read to use straight from the box it arrives in. It’s the only technological device I have purchased in many years that doesn’t come with instructions. So that will give you some idea of how easy it is.

Can the students get lost using the iPad?

There is only one button on the iPad which can bring the student back home on one click. This brings the student back to the home screen instantly.

What can we learn on the iPad?

With a few taps on the screen you can tailor your own student’s iPad to suit their learning needs and goals for each lesson at a variety of learning levels. For e.g.: For your students who learn best by listening, download a podcast from iTunes U on Newton’s laws of motion. And for those who learn through tactile interaction, find an app that lets students shoot arrows at a target. With the iPad, your students can acquire the same lesson but in a manner that suits them. Perfect…

The iPad is a great device to keep in contact with students even if they are not in class.

With iTunes (iTunes is a media library application that you can play, download, and organise digital audio on personal computers you can keep in contact with your students through iTunes U app. All the lessons can be downloaded onto the iPad; students can always keep up to date with lessons even if they’re not in school.

How do I feel about using the iPad?

If you haven’t guessed by now, I love it. Its attractive looking shell with comes in different colours and endless amounts of sophisticated covers, it ease of use, its vast amount of apps for the user to play, learn and have fun with, it’s hard not to love it.

Hope you like my blog…


Caroline Wall

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